Exeter Veterans Memorial District Building Policies


The Principal Act

The California Legislature authorized the creation of memorial districts through the enactment of the California Military Veterans Code (MVC). These districts are authorized to create and maintain facilities for veterans who have honorably served the United States as well as for the use or persons and organizations of the community other than veterans. The Military and Veterans code section 1170 et seq is available here.

Special District Powers

The Exeter Veterans Memorial District is empowered to own and operate public facilities for the use of military veterans, public or private organizations, and profit or non-profit organizations.

Mission Statement

Since 1954, Exeter Veterans Memorial District has been partnering with veterans and local non-profit organizations to provide a place for the community to gather and work together to promote our shared ideals:

      • Exeter Veterans Memorial District is dedicated to the memory of all who proudly served and protected their country;
      • Exeter Veterans Memorial District helps honor the veterans residing in Exeter;
      • Exeter Veterans Memorial District provides a permanent living memorial to United States veterans;
      • Through facilities and support programs, Exeter Veterans Memorial District promotes a legacy of service and strengthen communities;
      • Exeter Veterans Memorial District focuses on the needs of local veterans and provides a gathering place for community organizations 


Because we prioritize serving the community, most of our dates have been reserved by community organizations years in advance. If you are interested in renting the Exeter Veterans Memorial Building rooms, please call the Manager Howard Fackler at (559) 592-2263, Tuesdays through Saturdays from 8 am to 4 pm.


The Exeter Veterans Memorial Building has several areas available for rental. Please see our Rates page for details.

Financial documents are available for public inspection at the office of Paul M. Verissimo, C.P.A., 455 E. Maple, Exeter, CA 93221; 559-592-5390

Board of Directors

The Exeter Veterans Memorial District Board of Directors meets on the Second Tuesday of each month, at 5 pm in the Exeter Veterans Memorial Building, Room B, at 324 N Kaweah Ave, Exeter, CA 93221.

The board has the discretion to shift the date, time and place of its regular board meetings provided that there is adequate notice provided to the public. All board meetings are announced consistent with the Ralph M. Brown Act. Prior to any board meeting, an agenda listing all items to be transacted by the board is prepared, and posted 72 hours in advance for public review at the District office and on this website. Agendas for special meetings are posted at least 24 hours before the meeting, and interested parties are contacted by District personnel. District board meetings are open to the public. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact the manager of the Exeter Veterans Memorial District 24 hours in advance if you need special assistance to participate in a meeting. Each agenda includes an opportunity for the public to address the board on items not on the agenda, and within the jurisdiction of the District.

The members of the board are elected for 4 year terms. Terms are staggered with elections occurring every two years. Each year, the district board elects one of its members to serve as president, vice president and secretary. Please see the Board of Directors page for the names of the current officers.


The District board has appointed a manager responsible to carry out the District’s day-to-day operations, implement district policies, and oversee supporting staff and the District’s public facilities. The duties of managing the operation of the District’s facility, include but are not limited to arranging facility maintenance services, drafting rental contracts, and coordinating events to be held at the memorial building.

The Exeter Veterans Memorial District has two full-time staff employees, the manager and an assistant.

Room/Rental Policies & Accommodations

Rental Policies are implemented through individual rental agreements per event held at the building. The district owns and leases tables, chairs, dishes, cutlery, ice, microphones, projector, podium, and wi-fi. These items are included with select rental packages. Use of the full commercial kitchen is included in the main hall rental. Any prospective renter must contact the district’s manager to verify that the proposed function is compatible with the Memorial Building’s use criteria.

If the proposed event adheres to the District’s use criteria, then its facilities may be leased following execution of a contract with the District.

  • No tape on the walls are allowed
  • No alcohol at children’s events
  • If selling alcohol, a permit is required

The District’s lease contract provides rental terms and conditions and outlines the renter’s responsibilities on the day of the event.

Building Improvement

The district regularly undertakes building improvement projects. By practice, the manager identifies necessary repairs and requests the District Board of Directors’ approval to allocate funding toward those projects.

Contact Information

Exeter Veterans Memorial District welcomes your questions or comments regarding this Statement of Policy. If you believe that Exeter Veterans Memorial District has not adhered to this Statement, please contact Exeter Veterans Memorial District at:
Exeter Veterans Memorial District
324 N Kaweah Ave
Exeter California 93221

Email Address:
Telephone number: (559) 592-2263
Effective as of June 08, 2021

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